In recognition of the fact that there is a great need for an organization of County and City Service Officers to coordinate their mutual activities in the State of Indiana; to assist each other through the exchange of helpful information; to promote the particular welfare of Veterans and Veterans' Organizations and the general welfare of the community by providing a united front in matters pertaining thereto, this constitution is adopted.


The name of this organization shall be called Indiana Veterans' Service Officers' Association.


The objective of the Indiana Veterans' Service Officers' Association shall be to provide the means for closer cooperation in matters pertaining to Veterans, Veterans' Organizations and to the community and for ascertaining a policy governing certain activities of the association in matters of mutual importance.


There shall be two (2) types of membership: Regular and Associate

1. Regular Membership shall consist of duly appointed, by law, all
   County and City Veterans' Service Officers who are recognized by
   the Department of Veterans Affairs for the State of Indiana.
a.  Past County and City Veterans' Service Officers may retain
    membership in the association by payment of annual dues
    and have voting privileges at any Business Meeting of the
b.  All Assistant County and City Service Officers, who meet
    all qualifications of Article III - Paragraph 1, may also be
    admitted as regular members.

2.Associate Membership may consist of duly elected or appointed
  Service Officers (with credentials) of any Veterans' Organization in
  the State of Indiana.
a.  Associate Members, by payment of annual dues, shall have                                    a voice without vote in any of the Business Meetings of the                                     association.


Each Regular and Associate member of the association shall be assessed a flat rate per-annum for dues. Membership dues shall be payable during the Service Officers' annual Training Seminar. A current Membership Card will be issued to each member upon payment of annual dues.

Newly appointed and recognized Service Officers may obtain membership in the association at a later date by submitting a request, in writing, for membership and paying per-annum dues to the Secretary-Treasurer; whereupon a Membership Card will be issued to the new member.


1.    The officers of this association shall consist of the following:

a.  President

b.  1st Vice-President

c.  Secretary-Treasurer

The election is to be held during the Service Officers' Annual Training
Seminar and such candidates up for election must have had his/her dues
paid for the previous year.

2.    Newly elected officers shall assume their duties following completion of the
meeting at which they were elected and shall continue their duties until their 
successors are duly elected.

a.  Officer terms are for one year, with no limitation on the number of consecutive terms they may serve. (Motion duly made, seconded and passed at the regularly scheduled meeting on June 8, 2004.)

3.     In the event of a vacancy in any officer of the association, an election shall
be held at the next Regular Meeting of the association to fill the vacancy.


Members shall assemble for a Business session at a time during the Annual Training Seminar, as designated by the Association President and the Indiana Department of Veterans' Affairs.  The association shall meet at least twice annually, including the aforementioned Business Session and/or more often if the need arises and is approved by the Association President.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee - 1988 - 1989.

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